Sunday, June 23, 2013

First fish report!! Kautumn lodge is open!!

We are opening up the lodge the last week and the family is out here with me.  The boats are in the water, the tackle has been sorted and the fish are biting hot. We have been doing some late night pike fishing and getting the kids into some really fun times.  My oldest daughter casted, hooked and landed a pike all by her self on her little pole.  She was supper excited and is going to cook it up for all of us.  The trout have been pretty active late in the evening.  We are having incredibly hot weather out here, a few days into the 90's and a week of solid 80's.  The river is really low and clear.  We are gearing up for a really good season and will keep you posted.

Friday, July 20, 2012

George's Fishing Trip with Bearfoot Adventures

I love it when a plan comes together and that is exactly what happened today. George and I left early to try out a new spot for sockeye and dedicate what time remained to trout fishing. I cannot tell you how happy I was to arrive at our first destination to find sockeye lined up right where we were expecting. George is a fantastic angler and it didn't take 10 minutes before we had sockeye in the fish box. After numerous battles and many laughs we had our limit and regrouped for a short hike further upstream to catch trout. George expertly landed 8 rainbows, 4 grayling, 1 dolly varden, and 2 chum salmon on 6# line in less than 2 hours.
Just to round out an already stellar fishing day we stopped at a spot on our way home and landed a nice 9 pound king salmon. George summed up the day by commenting "fantastic fishing, fantastic weather, fantastic company." George I'm flattered!!!!

Pittsburgh Sportsman

Two anglers from Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!) arrived yesterday evening eager to hit the river and catch salmon. We fished a short while for sockeye landing six, then ran a short distance to try our luck at the kings. Almost immediately we hooked a big one and after an epic battle that included many jumps, we netted the 26-pounder.  Maybe it was the jet lag or Chelsea's great cooking, but it was late and the guys very tired. 
 This morning we caught limits of sockeye in short order and dedicated the rest of the afternoon to kings. We landed one nice keeper as well as several small ones before the wind kicked up and with a full fish box we happily called it a short day.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Fishing Season

The last couple of days have been filled with anticipation as the kings have been showing up in some of the usual spots close by. Today we hit the river to find not only were the kings around but in huge numbers. The two anglers in my boat today landed over 30 kings with the biggest going 40 pounds (left). As I ran back and forth to help release the fish it sank in how exceptional our day was when one angler exclaimed, "I've caught enough, let’s go back to the lodge and rest." This day will not soon be forgotten.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another great Fishing Season

The 2011 fishing season on the Mulchatna River is officially wrapped up. Our season started the first week of June with hungry grayling and rainbow trout lining the bank just below the lodge. The best pike fishing this year was also in June with post spawn fish readily attacking most any spinners or surface flies.  Alaska department of Fish and Game recorded a stronger number of kings for 2011 than the past few years and the last week of June found us anxiously awaiting the first big push of bright kings. July proved not to disappoint as several holes close to the lodge filled with kings and many late nights were spent fishing the bank right at the lodge. The sockeye run this year proved healthy again and huge numbers ran up the Stuyahok and Koktuli Rivers drawing with them countless hungry trout. Some of the best wade fishing this year was spent up the Stuyahok and Koktuli fishing the upper stretches for sockeye and the tail outs for rainbows and Dolly Varden.  Silver salmon never disappoint and this year was no different. For the months of August through September we enjoyed fantastic silver fishing just moments from the lodge. If you have never experienced fishing in Alaska come for silver season, 100 fish days, aggressive surface hits, multiple twisting jumps and bright red fillets. 

A genuine thank you goes out all the fisherman who spent the time and money to visit us this summer. We encourage you to send us any particularly of your great pictures, to share on our website, from your trip and we hope to see you again next summer.  Chet and I now shift our focus to next year and making final plans for the shows we will be attending this winter in Dallas and Harrisburg. Check back for show dates and booth numbers so you can come by and meet us and plan your fishing trip of a lifetime!
-Isaac Sullens

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silver Standard

'World class fishing' does not begin to describe how the silver salmon fishing is here, right now.  I would not hesitate to wager anyone, armed with several spoons or some large streamers, that “100+ fish” days could easily be produced.  I know those are bold statements but, if you were in the boat this afternoon I seriously doubt you would bet me.  All this from a guide who takes his job so seriously, I sometimes stay awake at night plotting the demise of fish.  Man, I love silver season for this simple reason- happy clients, every time.  With huge jumps, multiple reel screaming runs, ‘Jaws’ like take downs and beautiful fillets what’s not to love?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silver bullets

The long anticipated silver run has started with a huge wave of ocean bright silvers arriving overnight. While fishing for other species we have been checking in on the local silver spots for the past week now. While doing one of these "checkups" Chet landed smack dab in a huge school of 10 pound silvers. The fishing was fast to put it mildly and ever since we have enjoyed fantastic fishing. The chrome bright fish are excellent eating and Chelsea has been working her regular magic in the kitchen with smoked salmon spread this evening as our appetizer.